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Plein Air Artists Colorado (PAAC) was created for the love of plein air painting and to enjoy the camaraderie of painting outdoors.

A founding principal is that PAAC creates opportunities for artists to paint outdoors together and that these paint outs be open to everyone of every level.


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Thiele, Susan "Dawn Foreboding" Watercolor, 7x19 $450 SOLD
Kirkpatrick, Jan "Wonderland Lake" Oil, 10x10 $500 SOLD
Espriella, Ani "Headed to the Meadow" Pastel, 9 x 12 $575 SOLD
McCullough, Susan "East Willow Creek" Oil, 14x18 $1260 SOLD
Hunt, Jane "Layfayette Sunrise" Oil, 9x12 $700 SOLD
Austin, Cliff Legion Park Oil 11 x 14" $565 SOLD
Mohseni, Molly "Wishing Green" Oil, 12x12 $650 SOLD
Owen, Marsha "A New Day Of Contrasts" Watercolor, 9x12 $345 SOLD
Matteson, Susan "Among Giants" Oil, 12x9 $750 SOLD
Lewis, Nancy "Play on Light and Dark" Oil, 9x12 $400 SOLD
Stiles, Sabrina "Daybreak At Sandstone" Pastel, 9x12 $500 SOLD
Meuser, William "Hangers On" Oil, 12x20 $960 SOLD
Maller, Will "Capitola" Oil, 12x12 $975 SOLD
Hitt, Karen Ann "Lupine And Pigtails" Oil, 8x6 $500 SOLD
Espriella, Ani "Winter Warms" Oil 9 x 12 $575 SOLD
Legg, Jeff, Master Signature Member "Longs Peak Morning" oil, 10x10 $1950 SOLD
Tucker, Charles "Languedoc Garden Gate" Watercolor & Ink, 9x12 $700 SOLD
Storm, Karen "Autumn" Oil, 9x12 $325 SOLD
Scott, Clare "Simple Shapes" Pastel, 10x10 $375 SOLD
Haley, Nancy "A Bucket of Red Snapper" Oil, 12x12 $780 SOLD
Churchley, Barbara Western Cliffs Pastel 9 x 12" $675 SOLD
Groesser,Debra Joy "Gone to Check the Lobstahs" Oil, 9x12 $1100 SOLD
Ternes, Lindsay "Fog's Memory of Smoke" Watercolor, 9x12 $550 SOLD
Matteson, Susan "The Long View" Oil, 10x8 $560 SOLD
Chavez, Lorenzo, Master Signature Member "Glacier Creek" oil, 11x14 $1,750
Legg, Jeff, Master Signature Member "Twenty Below" oil, 6 x 8 $950
Handell, Albert, Master Signature Member "The Essence of Palms" pastel, 17x16 $7,200
Hyde, Wes, Emeritus Member "Begin Again" oil, 8x10 $800
Gottlieb, Fran, Emeritus Member "Windy Sky" oil, 9x12 $920
Chavez, Lorenzo, Master Signature Member "Golden Days" oil, 11x14 $1,750
Arnett, Joe Anna, Master Signature Member "Shining Through" oil, 12 x 16 $3,200
Allen, Leslie, Emeritus Member "My Avalon Sunset" oil, 12 x 16 $975
Hyde, Wes, Emeritus Member "Begin Again" oil, 8 x 10 $800
Handell, Albert, Master Signature Member "At Bays Point, Eastpoint, Florida", pastel, 12x16, $5000.00
Wipf, Sue "Early Autumn Overlook" Oil, 12x16 $960
Wipf, Sue "Superior Glow" Oil, 10x16 $900
Winter, Anita "Golden Opportunity" Watercolor, 11x14 $600
Whellock, Ginger "Colorado Glory" Oil, 8x16 $900
Whellock, Ginger "Root Cellar" Oil, 9x12 $800
Wasson, Carol "Flooded Fields" Pastel, 6x8 $495
Wasson, Carol "Lingering Snow" Pastel, 12x12 $995
Walker, Patrice "Wind over the Cornice - Longs Peak" Oil, 9x12 $950
Von Schmidt, Eric "Last Color" Oil, 6x8 $350
Vito, Teresa "North Pond" Oil, 9x12 $800
Vito, Teresa "Valley Snow" Oil, 12x12 $875
Vigil, Wayne "Spring Pizzazz" Oil, 11x14 $395
Van Essen, Gene "South Park" Oil 12x16 $925
Van Essen, Gene "Wispering Winter" Oil 12x16 $925
Turner, Cecy "Canyon Haze" Oil, 9x12 $800
Turner, Cecy "It's Snow Time" Oil, 10x8 $600
Tucker, Charles "Ghost of the Goldrush" Watercolor & Ink, 14x18 $800
Tristani, Ann "Changing Colors" Oil, 9x12 $495
Tristani, Ann "Fresh and Bright" Oil, 16x12 $695
Thiele, Susan "El Patio" Watercolor, 19x7 $450
Ternes, Lindsay "Lighted Alleyway on Linden" Watercolor, 12x12 $650
Szkutnik, Richard "Speer Blvd" Oil, 20x16 $960
Szkutnik, Richard "To the Sky" Oil, 18x18 $970
Summers, R Gregory "Country Road S" Oil, 16x12 $1800
Summers, R Gregory "Chow Time" Oil, 11x14 $1400
Stutzman, Jeannette "Trading Post" Oil, 12x12 $475
St John, Cheryl "Street Tacos" Oil, 8x10 $700
Stiles, Sabrina "Winter Gold" Pastel, 11x14 $600
St George, Sarah "Breath of Spring" Pastel, 10x8 $500
St George, Sarah "Warm Breeze" Pastel, 10x8 $500
Simpson, Mike "Fall in Jackson Hole" Watercolor, 9x12 $500
Sandifer, Rosie "Aspen Turn" Oil, 16x20 $2500
Ruthven, Scott "Longs Peak" Oil, 14x11 $695
Ruthven, Scott "Wrapped In Gold" Oil, 10x8 $495
Rosen, Cynthia "Spectacular River View" Oil, 16x20 $1050
Rosen, Cynthia "As The Fog Rolls In" Oil, 16x20 $1050
Riefenberg, Jennifer "Aspen Impressions - Winter I" Oil, 11x11 $550
Riefenberg, Jennifer "Winter Rythms" Oil, 12x16 $750
Reilly, Kathleen "Old Streambed" Oil, 9x12 $400
Ray, Mike "Early Morning Red Rocks" Pastel, 9x12 $400
Ray, Mike "South Valley Snow" Pastel, 11x14 $450
Pettit, Rachel "Willard Farm" Oil, 12x16 $1100
Pettit, Rachel "Close to Home" Oil, 12x16 $1100
Peterson, Dena "The Kiss" Oil, 12x12 $575
Owen, Marsha "Sticks And Stones" Watercolor, 10x14 $375
Nutting, Paul "Spring Light" Oil, 12x16 $450
Nagel, Norbert "Foothill Cumulus" Pastel, 9x12 $650
Nagel, Norbert "Golden Pond" Pastel, 8x10 $400
Munden, De "River Bluff" Oil, 8x10 $350
Mueller, Dennis "Snowy Range" Oil, 8x10 $450
Morris, Suzanne "Backwater Bay" Oil, 12x16 $995
Morris, Suzanne "Rest Area" Oil, 11x16 $850
Montgomery, David "Alpine Inlet" Oil, 12x9 $700
Meyers, Valerie "White House in Winter" Oil, 11x14 $950
McMahon, Kathryn "A Season's Change" Oil, 6x12 $650
McGraw, Maryann "Peaceful Meadow" Pastel, 12x18 $850
McGraw, Maryann "Old Monastery Tree" Pastel, 11x14 $850
McGee, Bonnie "Molly's Pond" Oil, 12x16 $850
McCullough, Susan "Early Morning at the Lake" Oil, 16x12 $950
McCay, Rhonda "Morning Haze" Oil, 9x12 $550
McCay, Rhonda "Asters" Oil, 12x9 $550
McAllister, Deborah Morning Meditation Oil 16 x 12 $800
McAllister, Deborah Silver Plume Oil 12 x 16" $800
Mauldin, Chuck "A Barn Full" Oil, 14x18 $1185
Mauldin, Barbara "Rusty Roof" Oil, 11x14 $600
Macleod, Lee "Morada on the Hill" Oil, 8x10 $750
Macleod, Lee "Snow on the Jemez" Oil, 11x14 $950
Bass, Tricia 4th Of July Oil 24 x 12" $1,600
Lyons, Donna "The Jello Mold" Watercolor, 12x12 $600
Lines, Scott "Green Day" Oil, 12x16 $595
Lines, Scott "Paths of Least Resistance" Oil, 12x12 $495
Lanzoni, Kathleen "Riverbend" Watercolor, 22x14 $1400
Lanzoni, Kathleen "Sunlit Pool" Watercolor, 22x14 $1400
Jensen, Margaret "Estes Aspen" Oil, 8x10 $700
Jensen, Margaret "Autumn at St. Barts" Oil, 10x8 $700
Jenkins, Carol "White Enamel" Oil, 12x19 $1100
Jenkins, Carol "West Wind" Oil, 11x14 $1300
Immel, Peggy "Overland Adobe" Oil, 12x16 $850
Susiehyer "Front Yard Fun" Oil, 12x12 $1150
Susiehyer "Sedona Sticker Study" Oil, 12x12 $1150
Hunt, Jane "Boulder Flatirons" Oil, 11x14 $900
Howard, Shelley "Garden of the Gods" Pastel, 12x16 $650
Horrigan, Stacey "Colors of Winter" Oil, 8x10 $300
Horrigan, Stacey "Farmhouse" Oil, 12x9 $500
Homsher, Steven "Winter Chill" Oil, 8x10 $600
Holnback, Pam "Standing Vacant" Oil, 11x14 $695
Hitt, Karen Ann "Bear Lake Centennial View" Oil, 8x10 $650
Haskins, Susan "Misty Longs Peak" Oil, 11x14 $425
Haskins, Susan "Red Barn" Oil, 8x10 $350
Hall, Nancy E. "St. Vrain River at Roger's Grove" Oil, 8x10 $340
Haley, Nancy "Fishing Co-Op" Oil, 14x11 $790
Halbert, Karen "Santa Fe River Turbulence" Oil, 10x16 $550
Halbert, Karen "Afternoon Shadows I" Oil, 8x10 $350
Haines, Tracy "Early Morn at Kenosha Pass" Oil, 16x20 $650
Groesser, Debra Joy "Reef Point Patterns" Oil, 12x12 $1300
Gore, Gary "Plum Creek Barn" Oil, 11x14 $575
Gilbert, Brittany "Late Afternoon Light" Oil, 8x16 $365
Giacomini, Mary "Sail Away" Oil, 12x16 $375
Garcia, Ted "Blue Plateau" Oil, 8x10 $450
Gabel, Andrea "Little Splash" Oil, 11x14 $500
Foyle, Loretta "Dusk" Pastel, 12x16 $325
Forrest, Carla "Blustery Eve" Oil, 12x16 $800
Fechenbach, Diane "Sunlit Rocks" Oil, 14x11 $600
Fechenbach, Diane "Spring's Celebration" Oil, 8x10 $400
Farrier, Michele "Spring Reflections" Oil, 9x12 $600
Farrier, Michele "Evening Light on the Paria Plateau" Oil, 8x10 $500
Evans, Amy "Golden Pond" Oil, 11x14 $695
Emily, Joni "Strolling Among Giants" Oil, 11x14 $525
Echternach, Jeanne A Sunny Disposition Oil 8 x 10" $520
Echternach, Jeanne Winter at the Fly-N-Bee Oil 8 x 10" $520
Dwyer, Patty Winter's Stroll, Boreas Pass Oil 14 x 11" $385
Duford, Marianna Adobe Arbor in La Casa Sena Oil 10 x 8" $450
Dierickx, Rebecca Misty Day on the Redlands Oil 8 x 10" $450
DeOrio, Stephen Pusch in the Light Oil 8 x 10" $550
DeGraff, Larry Morning Glory Oil 9 x 12" $700
DeGraff, Larry Giralda Shower Oil 12 x 12 $850
Deeb. Lamya Autumnal Rythm Oil 11 x 14" $1200
Deeb. Lamya Spring Morning, Niwot Oil 6 x 8" $500
Day, Mark Still Waters Oil 16 x 16" $1025
Day, Mark Quiet Passage Oil 12 x 24" $1150
Curtis, Kay Daffodils in my Garden Watercolor 22 x 18" $300
Correa, Marcio Spring is around the Corner Acrylic 8 x 10" $650
Correa, Marcio The Gates of Harvard 12 x 9" $650
Cohen, Marcie South Valley Snow Study Pastel 9 x 12" $600
Cohen, Marcie Artist on the Golf Course Pastel 9 x 12" $800
Clark, Michael Fall Afternoon on the Farm Oil 11 x 14" $750
Clark, Michael Where the Lilacs Bloom Oil 16 x 20" $1450
Churchley, Barbara Moab Rocks Pastel 9 x 12" $675
Christie, Jane Garden Flowers Oil 10 x 10" $675
Carrillo, Cindy Sedona Spring Oil 12 x 12" $675
Buschmann, Carole Between Spring Showers Pastel 12 x 18" $650
Buckingham Goldsmith, Dawn Sandstone Snow Oil 9 x 12" $325
Brooks, Michael 2020 Carriage House Gouache 5 x 8" $500
Brooks, Michael Cold Day on the Plateau Gouache 12 x 14 $800
Brookes, Claudia Good Trout Stream Oil 11 x 14" $950
Breeding, Jeannie Ledges at Blue Hole Oil 14 x 11" $850
Bowne, Bonnie Fall on the Lower Poudre Oil 11 x 14 $575
Bowne, Bonnie Autumn on the Bear Lake Road Oil 14 x 11 $575
Beck, Lorrie Bar Lake View Oil 9 x 12 $600
Beauregard, Chula Fish Creek Falls Oil 12 x 9 $750
Beauregard, Chula Late Winter Solace Oil 24 x 30 $3,000
Batson, Lorie March on Oak Creek Oil 24 x 12" $1,200
Batson, Lorie Autumn Paint Oil 8 x 10" $700
Bass, Tricia Quaking Song Oil 12 x10" $680
Balkanski, Nikolo Gore Creek, Vail Oil 7 x 11" $950
Balkanski, Nikolo Clear Creek Canyon, Golden Oil 9 x 12 $1,200
Austin, Cliff Red Hat Painter Oil 11 x 14" $565
Ashley, Gary "Crystal River" Oil, 12x9 $425
Ashley, Gary "Roaring Fork River" Oil, 12x9 $425
Arenas, Heather "Meininger Lodge Bailey, Colorado" Oil, 11x14 $1,100
Arenas, Heather "Pixie's Trailer" Oil, 14x18 $1,800
Anderson, Janet "February on South Boulder Creek" Oil, 11x14 $850
Anderson, Janet "Awakening Spring" Oil, 10x8 $550
Allen, Leslie "Triplets" Oil, 12x9 $800
Akins, Mark "In the Shadows" Oil, 16x20 $1,100

PAAC's 20th Annual National Show

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PAAC would like to thank Mary Williams Fine Arts for hosting another successful show, September 1-30, 2016

And thanks to all the volunteers who helped with
the exhibit, and the participating artists!

5311 Western Ave #112, Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (303) 938-1588

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