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Plein Air Artists Colorado (PAAC) was created for the love of plein air painting and to enjoy the camaraderie of painting outdoors.

A founding principal is that PAAC creates opportunities for artists to paint outdoors together and that these paint outs be open to everyone of every level.


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Ken Pieper Blue Door and Ristras, Oil, 9x12, $950
Paul Nutting Misty Morning, Oil, 11x14, $400
Ann Tristani Faithful Friends, Oil, 12x12, $595 SOLD
Sarah St. George Sonoran Bloom, Pastel, 8x10, $475 SOLD
Deborah McAllister Hillside Farm, Oil, 11x14, $600 SOLD
William Scott Jennings The Ramparts of Zion, Oil, 9x18, $2500 SOLD
Michele Farrier Early Spring in the Tetons, Oil, 8x10, $400 SOLD
Jason Emery Yampa Valley Farm, Oil, 8x16, $895 SOLD
Lamya Deeb Weiser Wetlands, Oil, 8x8, $600 SOLD
Janet Anderson Approaching Storm, Oil, 9x12, $650 SOLD
Pam Holnback In the Canyon, Oil, 9x12, $545 SOLD
Susan Matteson Storm Quell, Oil, 9x12, $750 SOLD
Peggy Immel The Cottage Next Door, Oil, 12x16, $850 SOLD
Jane Hunt Winter Sky, Oil, 9x12, $950 SOLD
Chuck Mauldin Indian Paint Brush, Oil, 9x12, $700 SOLD
Lee MacLeod Cortona, Chiesadi di Santa Maria Nuova, Oil, 8x10, $500 SOLD
Jeanne Echternach Taking the Back Road, Oil, 11x14, $940 SOLD
Lorie Batson Gold King Basin, Oil, 9x15, $850 SOLD
Bonnie Anthony You Conduit, Oil, 8x8, $300 SOLD
Susan McCullough Dusty Morning in Mosca, Oil, 12x24, $1400 SOLD
Susan McCullough The Zapata, Oil, 12x16, $1100 SOLD
Lee MacLeod Tuscanya, Oil, 6x12, $600 SOLD
Kathleen Kassel Point Loma in the Distance, Oil, 9x12, $450 SOLD
Margaret Jensen Fall River, Oil, 11x14, $1100 SOLD
Kim English Old Tobacco Barn, Oil, $1600 SOLD
Jenifer Cline Umber Light, Oil, 10x10, $450 SOLD
Michael Clark Garden Still Life with Melon, Oil, 16x20, $900 SOLD
Cindy Carrillo Spring Crunch, Oil, 16x20, $875 SOLD
Lorie Batson Lupine Hillside, Oil, 12x16, $1000 SOLD
Teresa Vito Colorado Ranch Land, Oil, 12x12, $1100 SOLD
Elizabeth Cooper Arizona Evening, Pastel, 9x12, $750 SOLD
Joe Anna Arnett Vermillion Cliffs, Oil, 10x20, $2100
Lorenzo Chavez Rain Storm Near Kanab, Oil, 8x10, $1450
Lorenzo Chavez Desert Country, Oil, 9x12, $1550
Lynn Simonson Autumn Impression Oil, 9x12, $750 Emeritus
Anita Mosher Sunny Side Up, Oil, 6x6, $300 Emeritus
Anita Mosher Campfire Breakfast, Oil, 9x12, $1100 Emeritus
Fran Gottlieb Horse Ranch Big Sky, Oil, 12x12, $1080 Emeritus
Leslie Allen Five Points Hollyhocks, 11x14, Oil $950 Emeritus
Leslie Allen Iris 2016, Oil, 8x10, $700 Emeritus
Albert Handell A Break in the Mist, Pastel, 12x18, $7500
Anita Winter Waterton Watercolor, 11x14 $600
Anita Winter Unnamed Canyon, Oil, 9x12, $500
Lewis Williams Owl But Forgotten, Oil, 11x14, $825
Lewis Williams In Search of Old Yeller, Oil, 12x16, $625
Ginger Whellock Rain Dance, Oil, 9x12, $900
Carol Wasson Intense Light, Pastel, 12x16, $900
Carol Wasson House in Brookville, Pastel, 12x12, $800
Teresa Vito High Altitude, Oil, 12x9, $850
Virginia Unseld Guardians, Pastel, 12x16, $745
Virginia Unseld Meadow's Edge, Pastel, 12x16, $745
Cecy Turner Snow Aftermath in Moraine Park, Oil, 8x16, $800
Cecy Turner Morning Glisten at Copeland Falls, Oil, 11x14, $850
Ann Tristani Autumn Blaze, Oil, 8x12, $400
Karin Toppel Paradise on the Platte, Oil, 8x10, $485
Susan Thiele Canyon Overlook, Watercolor, 11x15 $495
Susan Thiele Anthracite Creek, Watercolor, 7.25x19.25, $525
Lindsay Ternes Sunset from Smuggler, Watercolor, 11x14 $475
Richard Szkutnik Parking Lot on Sunday, Oil, 17x18, $1070
Jeannette Stutzman Aspen Grove, Pastel, 16x20, $1200
Cheryl St. John Along the Hogback, Oil, 9x12, $800
Cheryl St. John Storm on the Way, Oil, 8x10, $750
Sabrina Stiles Still a Bit of Snow, Pastel, 9x12, $600
Sarah St. George Along the Platte, Pastel, 8x10, $475
Kelly Stadille-Manley Springtime Pond Stones, Pastel, 7.1x9.9, $380
Mike Simpson Golden Hour on the Harbor, Watercolor, 9x12, $900
Mike Simpson Bridge Lights, Acrylic, 12x16, $1100
Clare Scott Pine Shadow, Pastel, 12x12, $800
Clare Scott Between Seasons, Pastel, 12x12, $800
Rosie Sandifer Wilshire Peak, Oil, 9x12, $1200
Rosie Sandifer Mt. Wilson Triangles, Oil, 8x16, $1500
Elizabeth Rouland Barn Light, Oil, 8x10, $300
Elizabeth Rouland Icy Banks, Oil, 8x10, $300
Jennifer Riefenberg Morning Enters, Oil, 8x10, $400
Jennifer Riefenberg Aspen Impressions - Autumn II, Oil, 11x14, $600
Kathy Riedinger Winter Reds, Oil, 10x12, $975
Kathy Riedinger In the Desert Sun, Oil, 9x12, $875
Kathleen Reilly Seed & Feed #2, Oil, 9x12, $600
Kathleen Reilly The Foundry Yard, Oil, 8x10, $500
Mike Ray Lair of the Bear, Pastel, 11x14, $470
Mike Ray Two Valleys Meet, Pastel, 11x14, $470
Lydia Pottoff Crane Hollow Barn, Pastel, 5.5x8.5, $400
Lydia Pottoff Spring Runoff on the St. Vrain, Pastel, 10x12.5, $500
Rachel Pettit Hurricane Ridge, Oil, 6x12, $750
Rachel Pettit Desert Love, Oil, 12x12, $900
Dena Peterson Presidio, Late Afternoon, Oil, 9x12, $485
Dena Peterson Abandoned Rail Car, Oil, 8x10, $360
Barbara Neville The Road Less Traveled, Pastel, 8x11, $375
Barbara Neville The Orchard, Pastel, 9.5x13.5, $450
Rogers Naylor White Ranch, Oil, 16x20, $1300
Rogers Naylor Summer Greens, Oil, 12x16, $850
Judy Nakari Gates Pass, Oil, 9x12, $400
Judy Nakari Sanctuary Cove, Watercolor, 11x14 $320
Norbert Nagel Mountain Glow, Pastel, 8x10, $500
David Montgomery Monolith, Oil, 16x20, $1600
Molly Mohseni Big Bluestem, Oil, 8x9.5, $650
Valerie Meyers Pond Aire, Oil, 8x10, $370
Bill Meuser Corrals at Indian Creek, Oil, 12x24, $1180
Bill Meuser A Nice Place to Take a Nap, Oil, 16x20, $1300
Lee McVey Pines in Early Spring, Pastel, 9x12, $675
Lee McVey Up the Road, Pastel, 9x12, $675
Kathryn McMahon Set Sail, Oil, 6x8, $500
Kathryn McMahon Winter Sun, Oil, 12x16, $950
Maryann McGraw Rio Jemez on the Valles Caldera, Pastel, 12x16, $850
Deborah McAllister Zion Awakening, Oil, 12x16, $800
Chuck Mauldin Chiricahua Rocks, Oil, 9x12, $700
Susan Matteson Terrapin Ridge, Oil, 8x10, $550
Donna Lyons After the Catch, Watercolor, 9x11, $625
Kathleen Lanzoni Spring Snow, Watercolor, 11x14 $800
Kathleen Lanzoni Fishing Dock, Watercolor, 14x22 $1400
Jan Kirkpatrick Spring Shadows, Oil, 12x24, $1600
Kathleen Kassel Old Town San Diego, Oil, 9x12, $450
Marie Johannes Winter Willow, Oil, 9x12, $550
Margaret Jensen Cascade RMNP, Oil, 9x12, $900
Carol Jenkins Winter River, Oil, 8x10, $900
Carol Jenkins Saturday Sunshine, Oil, 9x12, $1100
Peggy Immel Willows and Snow, Oil, 9x12, $650
susiehyer Deep in Winter, Oil, 8x10, $750
susiehyer Cactus Color, Oil, 11x14, $1150
Jane Hunt West of Town, Oil, 9x12, $950
Ellen Howard The Perch, Oil, 11x14, $950
Ellen Howard Coastal Reflections, Oil, 8x16, $750
Shelley Howard Autumn Butte, Pastel, 12x16, $650
Shelley Howard Soda Lake Overlook, Pastel, 12x16, $650
Stacey Horrigan Chatfield Farmhouse, Oil, 9.5x9.5, $350
Steven Homsher Along the Colorado, Oil, 10x12, $900
Pam Holnback Up Your Alley, Oil, 9x12, $545
Karen Ann Hitt Purple Mountains Majesty Above Fields of Gold, Oil, 8x28, $3700
Cary Hansen Hiking In, Pastel, 8x10, $500
Cary Hansen October Snow, Pastel, 12x16, $700
Margaret Hanke From the Ranch House, Oil, 11x14, $750
Nancy Hall Evening at Sawhill Pond, Oil, 6x12, $450
Nancy Haley Watching You, Oil, 12x16, $1150
Nancy Haley Denver Lightrail Station Oil, 11x14, $800
Tracy Haines Plein Air Painters Paradise, Acrylic, 12x12, $600
Debra Joy Groesser Granddaddy Willow, Oil, 10x20, $1200
Debra Joy Groesser Church Bells Ringing Rooster Crowing, Oil, 10x20, $1200
Gary Gore Spring Creek, Oil, 8x10, $325
Damien Gonzales Vallecito Mountain - Taos, Oil, 9x12, $1100
Damien Gonzales Spalling Outcrop, Oil, 9x12, $1050
Pixie Glore Aspen Glow, Oil, 16x20, $800
Mary Giacomini Deep Forest, Oil, 9x12, $395
David George Cold on Dutch Creek, Oil, 11x14, $800
David George Rocks of Ages, Oil, 9x12, $600
Andrea Gabel Autumn Shade, Oil, 12x16, $600
Diane Fechenbach Chamisa, Oil, 8x10, $500
Diane Fechenbach Afternoon Light, Pastel, 9x12, $500
Michele Farrier Virgin River Drainage, Oil, 8x10, $400
Amy Evans Morning in Abiquiu, Oil, 11x14, $725
Mary Pat Ettinger Below the San Juans, Acrylic, 12x12, $425
Mary Pat Ettinger An Open Door Policy, Acrylic, 9x12, $395
Ani Espriella Down in the Hollow, Pastel, 9x12, $600
Ani Espriella Frozen Shores, Pastel, 9x12, $600
Jason Emery No Irrigation Today, Oil, 12x16, $1095
Victoria Ekelund Hildebrand Ranch Barn, Oil, 12x12, $575
Victoria Ekelund Wynetka Pond Reflection, Oil, 11x14, $625
Jeanne Echternach Washout, Oil, 9x12, $720
Patty Dwyer Summer Thunder on the Mesa, Oil, 12x12, $395
Patty Dwyer On the Path of Impression, Oil, 11x14, $595
Stephen DeOrio Boulder Meadow, Oil, 8x10, $600
Don Sahli Burning Bush - Maui, Oil, 12x16, $1200
Don Sahli Aspen Shadows, Oil, 16x20, $2200
William Scott Jennings Light and Shadow, Oil, 11x14, $2500
Albert Handell Coastal Tree, Mixed Media/ Pastel, 12x18, $7500
Patrice Dello-Russo Rock Garden, Oil, 9x12, $820
Lamya Deeb Reflection in a Stormy Sky, Oil, 10x10, $1000
Mary Ann Davis Morning Light, Oil, 9x12, $695
Mary Ann Davis Arboretum, Pastel, 12x12, $895
Marcio Correa Simply Red, Watercolor, 11x14 $650
Marcio Correa Peaceful Escape, Acrylic, 8x16, $650
Elizabeth Cooper Saguaro Sky, Pastel, 9x12, $750
Marcie Cohen Spring Reflections, Pastel, 9x12, $750
Marcie Cohen Quiet River Study, Pastel, 9x12, $750
Ian Clark Time to Hunker Down, Oil, 5x7, $300
Barbara Churchley Desert Chamisa, Pastel, 12x16, $925
Jane Christie Among the Pines, Pastel, 10x13, $750
Jane Christie Valley of Fire, Pastel, 10x11, $700
Cindy Carrillo Dawn at the Marsh, Oil, 16x20, $875
Pat Carney Late Summer, Oil, 9x12, $600
Carole Buschmann The Garden Path, Pastel, 12x18, $650
Dawn Buckingham Goldsmith Teller Farm, Pastel, 9x12, $425
Dawn Buckingham Goldsmith Under a Spring Sky, Pastel, 9x12, $425
Chula Beauregard Evening in Canyon Country, Oil, 8x10, $750
Chula Beauregard View of the Valley, Oil, 12x16, $1250
Anna Bain The Ascent, Oil, 6x8, $550
Anna Bain Aspen Grove, Evergreen, CO, Oil, 8x8, $800
Gary Ashley Coquina Beach, Oil, 11x14, $550
Janet Anderson South Platte Spring, Oil, 9x12, $650
Mark Akins Fog Lifting - Pagosa, Oil, 14x18, $900
Mark Akins Raining in Tesuque, Oil, 14x18, $900

PAAC's 21st Annual National Show

2017 Annual National Exhibition and Sale
at Mary Williams Fine Arts in Boulder

September 8-October 7, 2017

Thank you for a wonderful show!

5311 Western Ave #112, Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: (303) 938-1588

Full Catalog available Here

Show Opening Highlights and Award Winners


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